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From the year 1973 on CMB has been the largest manufacturer of plug-in connectors for the non-alcoholic beverage industry worldwide. As of 2000 CMB has also become one of the leading producers of beer-taps and pumps as well as dispensing equipment for draught beer.

CMB products have an outstanding reputation amongst breweries and customers. They are constantly enhanced and very durable. In 2001 a masterpiece of beer-tap technology was achieved with the development of the TURBO-compensator beer-tap. 2002 we then extended our beer-tap X-series with the products V1 and V2.

2003 we then managed to evolve the X-series with the products V10 and V20, made of massive stainless steel. In 2005 when these two products were converted to the piston-method, there was a new, unequaled draught technology for beer-dispensing on the market.

For all our customers it has since been a ”time to rethink“ because from then on the new beer-tap technology was available to all CMB-customers. On the pages 4 and 5 you will find all new and patented details in an engineering drawing.

The focus of our products always is a combination of innovations concerning our beer-pumps in accordance with our new beer-taps. Naturally CMB also realizes customer preferences. Our qualified research team is always at your disposal to help out with technical expertise and inventive resourcefulness.

But the core of our company definitely is our development and research department with our own programming crew and the mold design and construction division. Our company, CMB Schankanlagen GmbH Krefeld can proudly refer to the well known seal of quality "made in germany".

The Europe-wide distribution of our products is done by CMB Schankanlagen GmbH Krefeld, worldwide they are distributed by CMBecker Inc. in DeSoto/Dallas USA.

Innovative tap, pump and distributing technology is the guarantor to our success. Take your time to rethink.

CMB - lets things flow.

Unterschrift Becker

C. M. Becker


The most important products have been patented and are manufactured at our own facilities in Krefeld, occupying a space of about 2800 qm by more than 50 qualified and higly motivated employees using high-tech machines for production and assambling.