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beer pumps, taps, gas pumps

Top quality beer pumps from the specialist
CMB Schankanlagen in Krefeld is your ideal partner for beer pumps, gas pumps and taps of the highest quality. As a manufacturer of gas pumps and taps of all kinds CMB Schankanlagen in Krefeld offers you a competent and reliable service for everything to do with pumps for beer, wine, alcohol-free drinks (AfG) and all other types of drinks sold on tap (dispensed beverages).

Competent on matters concerning gas pumps and taps
CMB Schankanlagen GmbH, whose registered office is in Germany, is characterised by high quality and professional standards. Therefore our beer pumps, taps and gas pumps are produced using the latest developments in technology and are subject to regular quality assurance checks. CMB Schankanlagen in Krefeld is further distinguished in particular on account of its constant further development, competent know-how and faultless results which make us the leading global producer of taps, gas pumps, plug-in couplings and also accessories for the drinks industry.

We apologise for this and thank you for your understanding. We will post all information (on the site) quite soon now. Prepare to be amazed.

Your competent partner at major events
Having started with the manufacture of plug-in couplings, CMB Schankanlagen in Krefeld was soon specialising in the manufacture of beer taps and beer gas pumps too, as well as dispensing equipment. With the development of the "Turbo tap" in 2001 we were able to set a new benchmark for taps, because with the "Turbo tap" you can pull off a litre in just 3.3 seconds. This makes us your number 1 for major events such as the Oktoberfest, for example.

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30. 10. 2012

Time for Trade-Show

from 13th to 15th of November in Nürnberg - Germany. We present you our brand new product "Snupi", an universal tap ...

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